Vehicles registered under the scheme have certain limitations placed on there use.  This is reflected in the reduced fees and compulsory third party insurance premium.  Registered operators must confine their vehicles use to:

Vehicles are able to be used at anytime with in a 15 Kilometre radius of where it is stored for the purpose of road testing or servicing ( Filling with fuel, charging batteries and generally checking that the vehicle is prepared for an upcoming event).     NOT to be used as transport, as in picking the kids up from school or doing the shopping, although food etc. can be purchase from a service station while getting fuel.    It can also be driven to and from a workshop for repairs, outside the 15K radius.

It also can be used for:

Ceremonial purposes(weddings, formals etc.) involving immediate family members, or as part of a club event,  providing this is not done for a fee or reward.  Immediate family means, Parents, Grandparents, Sons,  Daughters, Grandchildren but not extended family such as Nephews or Nieces.

T.M.R. has approved the use of concessional registered vehicles for all other cases if a reasonable charge was made for the use of the vehicle and that the full fee is donated to a charity.     Make a donation and retain the receipt, should you be challenged.

A refinement to the scheme came into effect in November 2018 known as an ‘Impromptu Event’, which allows an individual club member to initiate a Club Run at short notice. The Dept of Transport acknowledge the run can be for one or more vehicles and the event is to be managed on a case by case basis as long as the event is added to the clubs newsletter, website or social media page. This gives many of the benefits of a log book scheme without the restrictions and administrative burdens log books create for the member, club officials and Government.



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