Australian Street Rod Federation and T.A.C. Information (QLD).

MOST IMPORTANT.   You have to be a ASRF member to own and register and sell a hotrod. If requiring a membership form contact Julian-0409594390 or get one from the ASRF web site.

Compliance plate documentation must be carried in hotrods at all times.

The blue compliance plate must be permanently attached to the car.

If you plain to buy a hotrod, buy a QLD complianced car. Getting out of state cars complianced,can be difficult and expensive. If you have any questions . Please feel free to ring me (Julian 0409594390) I am only to happy to help, but if you want to talk with the HEAD of the T.A.C. ring Tim Bartrop 0400117308.

If selling a complianced plated car ( LH9 or LH10) a T.A.C. inspection must be done to confirm that the car is still compliant.  If major changers have been made a new compliance plate will be required. A road worthy certificate is also required.

CLUB REGO (Concessional Registration or Special Vehicle Registration)

Being a club member you have the ability to register a V8 for under $250.00 and it will often give you  a discount in insurance as well.

The Limitations are : It can only be driven to sanctioned events , advertised events involving incorporated motor clubs in Australia, it can also be driven anywhere to have work done on it. The car can be driven at any time with in a 15 km radius of where it is kept at anytime for reasons like charging the battery or getting fuel.  A travel concession document can be obtained to do a one off trip.  The Q.L.D. Dept. of Transport and Main Roads have a web site with everything relating to special vehicle registration if more detailed information is required.


This is a guide to the process of doing what is needed to build in QLD.

1/ Join the Australian Street Rod Federation. Currently $88. for two years.  Also it would be to your advantage to join a street rod club. Street rods are required to have been a full chassis vehicle built before January 1st 1949,or be a replica of one.

2/There are two types of Street rod registration in QLD.

LH9. This gives you cheaper club registration, if the rod is an imported L/H drive vehicle this is the only rego available. You are not allowed to build a L/H drive rod.

LH10. This is full rego, as per normal car.

3/After deciding on what rod you`re building, a PROPOSAL. to BUILD is required. Obtain one from the TAC by phoning or emailing Debbie PH 0433658315, email; . LH9/10 Guidelines come with the cost of the PTB, but are also are obtainable separately from Debbie.

4/READ THE GUIDELINES!!! They do contain important information.

5/ The PTB has the questions you need to know about  to plan to make/modify the chassis, what engine/gearbox/diff, brakes and steering will be put in place, plus numerous other questions on all aspects of the rod. A drawing of the chassis is required. It must include the materials used, their dimension’s and placement of cross members in the chassis. A photo or drawing of a similar finished rod, or something like it is a advantage.

6/ Paint work is to be of an acceptable standard and underside detailing. ie no rust/rusty panels; primer paint, minimal oil leaks, no untidy, or loose electrical wiring fuel or brake lines. Must have a minimum of 4 wheels and a maximum of 2 wheels and a maximum of 2 axles. Minimum of 4 cylinders and it can be inline or in a V configuration and a maximum of 460 cubic inches. Engine is to be at the front of the rod. Rear wheel drive only allowed. Must have grilled shell fitted. Maximum Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) is 4.5 tonnes. There are 3 various stages of construction. Fees are payable at each inspection. Travel money is also paid, if more then 25km from the TAC Inspector`s home.

7/ Imported  or out of state registration. When the vehicle is presented for final inspection without inspection, the Chief Inspector of the TAC or attendant TAC AP (QSRTAC Approved Person) deems that the vehicle is suitable to present for final inspection, the owner is to pay the full scheduled fee for 3 inspections.

Local Contacts; Bob Jamieson QSRTAC Inspector.(AP) 07 40566303