Honour Board

Any clubs history regardless of its size and importance can be lost in a paper trail archived in a filing cabinet never to be seen again.

Hopefully our car club- Top of The State Hot Rod and Custom Car Club will be remembered for many a year to come with this unique honour board.

It will recognise the people who devoted their time and dedication to establish a club that has allowed members to continue the journey they all enjoy.

This culture progressively moves forward with a new generation promoting our sport.

We would sincerely like to thank Damien Eggins for the Mustang bonnet and Inspired Signs for the art work.

The honour board hangs gracefully amongst other memorabilia in our Meerawa clubhouse for all to view.

I hope this Honour Board will give inspiration to members to continue the clubs strength for many years to come.

Cheers and keep grinding those gears.

Des Rackley. ASRF club delegate

Geoff Pellett, Lyn Pellett and Bob Jamieson