There was a good turn out of clubs for the annual combined club sports day at Goomboora Park,

Thanks to : F.N.Q. Restoration Club, American Car Club, Cairns Historic Vehicle Club, Fat Bastards Car Club and the Top of the State Car Club for combining to making it a great day.

WINNER of the day was  Gerard Binder winning both  The Wheel, and  The Spark Plug, representing Top of the State.   Kristie Partingtion won The Brakes, for the American Car Club. Julian Henry won The Ball Through the Tyre, for the Top of the State Car Club. Fat Bastards won Best Participation of members  and took home the Trophy.


Waza receiving  the trophy

American Car Club doing their thing

 T.O.T.S doing theirs.

Barry and George conducting the raffle.

The Historic and F.N.Q. Restoration Clubs enjoying the day

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